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Live life sustainably but with style: It is up to us to change the world.

Beautifully designed and detailed products, manufactured in Germany using sustainable practices and renewable materials. Timeless elegant design produced to a very high standard of quality to last for many years to come.

Real good bags for your everyday use.

The Core Piece: Bag No. 5

Available in two sizes:

Classic: 379 €
Premium: 439 €
Regular: 21 litres - 45 cm x 28 cm x 18 cm

Classic: 439 €
Premium: 487 €
Large: 26 litres - 50 cm x 32 cm x 20 cm


Sporty Shoulder Strap Connection

In addition to the normal connection points for the shoulder strap, we put two additional rings in place to allow the connection of the carrying strap near the middle axis. Used like this the Konz bag can be placed on the back in a rucksack like fashion and will stay in place while cycling to work. You will also notice that the backside of the Konz bag No 5 has no zippers or metal applications that could harm your jacket when carried this way.

Custom Zippers

The YKK Zippers have a custom made large slide grip that is big enough to open your bag while wearing gloves in winter.

Thoughtful Space Concept

The Konz No. 5 is designed to be as small as possible but at the same time allows for maximum capacity.  This is supported by the extra-long zipper of the main compartment: Fully open it allows you to pack large items easily and also see everything inside.  There is also a separate compartment that fits a 15?? Laptop or standard sized documents.  For extra protection, this compartment is made from wool felt also and a clever shock absorbing system is built into the bottom of the compartment. On the outside you will find an easily accessible compartment to store items that you would normally carry in your pocket. There are no extra pockets or hidden compartments. You will not end up finding a missed phone number after years inside a Konz bag.

The Golden Ratio

Ok this is the moment where it gets nerdy: All proportions of the Konz No 5 follow the golden ratio rule, a harmonic ratio that can be found very often in nature. In fact, it is really hard to judge the size of a Konz bag as the ratio does not give a reference point. The result is that there is no big optical difference if the bag is heavily stuffed or just used to carry a laptop. Maybe this is not needed; however to us this is a matter of style.

Handy Details

Extra handles are hidden on the narrow sides. This is a special feature for the traveller. No matter where and how you store your Konz bag, in airplanes or trains, there will be always a handle to grab it from under your seat or from an overhead compartment.

Product care

Easy Care Materials

Konz bags are made sustainably with felt from 100% virgin merino wool. By not being recycled, it still has all the wool fat (lanolin) that gives it its unique characteristics. Our felt is specially made to be thick and robust with just enough stiffness to keep the Konz bag in its unique shape. Felt made from wool does not easily pick up odors. This is a very good feature when sports equipment sits inside the bag overnight. Those that know about the kind of aroma synthetic sportswear can develop will love that fact! The felt is also dirt and water repellent. This makes it an easy care product that has all the qualities to last a life time with very little care. Excessive dirt can be easily removed with soft hand washing. And in case liquid fat is spilled excessively over the bag, simply claim this is a piece of art by Joseph Beuys until you find the time for cleaning.

Lavender–Bergamot Aroma Bag

Moths love wool like we do. They particularly appreciate our good quality wool. This is why our bags come with a little bag filled with an aromatic blend of lavender and bergamot. This natural pleasing odor perfumes the bag and keeps moths away. It is the ‘shoetree’ for our products.

Applications Using Stainless Steel

Karabiner and rings to connect the shoulder strap are made from high quality stainless steel. No peeling or loss of the silver color glazing will ever occur.


No Adhesives

We only use a very robust yarn to bring all elements together in the Konz bag. Important points are secured with a fivefold seam. By not using any adhesives, repairing a Konz bag is always possible and in most cases easy to do. This makes our bag a good candidate to follow you everywhere for a very long time. 

Locally Made

This is the key to our idea of sustainability:  source locally. Felt and yarn from Germany are turned into a precious Konz bag right in Germany. Every single bag is made with pride and special care to provide you with a product of the highest possible quality.

Carefully selected materials

All materials used in a Konz bag must fit our idea of sustainability. In particular, we value renewable materials that can be easily reused or recycled. Our goal is to promote materials with positive environmental impact. For example each textile component is certified according to the German Ökotex 100 standards.



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